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How To Contact Us


How To Contact Us


GloStream: We are in the process of providing secure access for all patients to all of their neurologic data and information with two-way communication through our software GloStream Patient Portal. Please bear with us as we work to get this up and running by the end of 2014. If any of your questions are not fully answered there, you should contact us directly:

Phone:      (410) 647-5000 (M-F 9AM-4PM) We try to have a live person talk directly with you. If we are particularly busy we promise a prompt call back the same day.

Fax:                            (410) 647-5010

Website:                   www.Neurol.org

Patient Portal:    https://andrewmd.triarqclouds.com/index.html

E-mail:      neurol@jhmi.edu


The Neurologist by Jose Perez
(Oil on Canvas, 24 in x 30 in, 61.5 cm x 77 cm)

"Neurologists love to observe and measure. Historically, their tools have been the percussion hammer for knee jerks, the vibrating fork for bone conduction, and the pins for determining whether the patient is numb or faking it. Today, neurologists use electroencephalograms to tell when we're brain dead.

"Medical students can spot a neurology professor a ward away. They're almost invariably serious-minded academically oriented males with a penchant for raising the possibility of an extremely rare and always incurable malady named after some seventeenth-century Frenchman. Polyneuropathy, neuroprexia, amyotrophia, and encephalopathy are just some of the hard-to-pronounce words neurologists typically love to let casually roll from their tongues. No doubt the doctor peering into the centaur's skull is about to pronounce the poor fool as suffering from anencephaly."

- Jose Perez (Look for his forthcoming memoir, How to Draw the Perez Way)